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In the game Lucky Luke 'Outlaws', you own a certain number of life points according to the difficulty of the level, and a colt with a limited number of bullets. You have to disarm your opponents to progress in the game. To disarm them, you have to use a cursor in the shape of gun sights.

You will be guided by four flashing arrows that indicate the direction to follow (right, link, up, down) to find the opponents. There are different countdowns according to the opponents.

When you beat an opponent, you recover his pile of money and you enhance your score.

When you do not have enough time to find your opponent, you can make Lucky Luke dodge the coming shot. If you succeed, you must then find the shooter to disarm him and attack the next opponent. If you are hit by a bullet, you lose one life point.

In the game you can also collect small barrels, bags of bills and other bonus to discover.

Screenshots made from a S60 Nokia serie.
Some Graphics and features may change depending on the device.

Screenshots made from a S40 Nokia serie.
Some Graphics and features may change depending on the device.

An easy gameplay.
An action game with a wide adventure story.
Lots of kinematics so as to plunge into a fascinating adventure.
3 levels of difficulty for the most experienced players.

Lucky Luke has just learned that the Dalton brothers and numerous bandits just escaped from jail. He has also been informed that a train bound for Austin and carrying gold of the Federal Bank did not arrive at its destination. He soon suspects that the Daltons are involved in this disappearance.

After having found the convoy, you will have to face the Daltons and their associates. But, in spite of your efforts, they will run off and kidnap the Bank director's daughter who was in the train, and demand a ransom.

In company of his two faithful companions, Jolly Jumper and Rantanplan, you will have to face the most terrific bandits and the most dangerous scoundrels of the West side to find the hostage.

In the ghost town called Dead Hill Town, you will have to fight the Daltons. Your skill, your courage and your determination will maybe permit you to beat them and to hand them over to the Federal Prison officers.


Lucky Luke
The ‘poor lonesome cowboy’ who can ‘draw a gun faster than his shadow’. Lucky Luke is an honest and profound character. He has a motto: make sure the law is respected. Of course, he is the hero of the game. And once more, he is called to catch the Dalton brothers who have just jumped prison.

Jolly Jumper
Lucky Luke's faithful companion, Jolly Jumper is always with him. It gets him out of the mess in which his adventures lead him. Jolly Jumper is a brilliant horse but also a plaintive one. It is always grouching about having to carry the generous cowboy around.
Rantanplan is the stupidest dog in the universe. It never understands Lucky Luke's orders. However, its simple mind makes it endearing. It is always with Lucky Luke whereas Jolly Jumper can’t bear it and considers it a low down fleabag. Strangely enough, it helps its master to find the Daltons and to set one of their hostages free in the game called Lucky Luke 'Outlaws'.

The Dalton
The Dalton brothers are the most dangerous bandits of the Far West. They seem to be similar but each one is taller and dumber than the previous one. The smaller is the chief and is called Joe. Then there is William, then Jack and finally Averell, the dumber of the Daltons. They hate Lucky Luke and look for destroying his reputation.
They team with other bandits who also have broken prison.


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